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Barbara Tipton

We are a small crew and would love to have more join us. Anyone is welcome. We meet on Wednesdays, even though the breaks. We choose the studies as a group when it’s time for a new one. Since most of them include a video, it usually takes us 3 weeks to complete a session. The first week we watch the video together, the second we review and discuss the session materials, and the third we celebrate with snacks and fellowship. Generally we meet in person at my mothers home but sometimes on zoom if we can’t all make it in person. We are not opposed to children but the home we meet in is not childproofed so curious little ones would need to be supervised. Also, we have small, very friendly dogs so we want you to be aware of their presence in case you are allergic. We pray that God fills the empty chairs and would love to have you join us as we study God’s word in faith and fellowship. Studying: Faith Works by David Platt



5:30 pm

Greer home

Child friendly


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