Calvary Youth exists to expose the relentless love of Jesus to a rising generation.

What is Calvary Youth?

Calvary Youth is the junior high and high school community of Calvary Church for students 11-18.

Belong, Grow, Encounter

Belong, Grow, Encounter

Belong, Grow, Encounter

Belong, Grow, Encounter

We believe

It’s our opportunity to invest in the hearts and lives of young people. We’re focused on joining with parents and helping them understand God’s amazing love and the larger-than-life plan He has for them. We’re committed to making their time at Calvary the highlight of their week.

Join the community

We help students find community and stay connected to God. As students attend Calvary Youth the goal is also for them to grow through mentorships and friendships with others. As the next generation, we believe in nurturing a strong relationship in Christ and helping students to establish leadership skills by getting plugged into Youth.

What to expect

On Wednesday Night the first half hour is dedicated to fellowship. This is a great time for kids to get to know each other, connect, and eat some yummy food. After that we move the group to the auditorium for our youth service.
This is a time of worship and diving into God’s Word in a way that is challenging, honest, and

We would love for you to join us at our upcoming events.